Mother of 3 children killed in fire remembers her sons, daughter

Tikeshia McCray says at first, she thought it was someone else's apartment when she learned about the fire at Arthur Square in Port Arthur.

The fire killed her daughter, Brooklyn, 2; her son, Brayden, 6; and another son, Jayden, 12.

McCray told us she had left the three children alone because another child, a son, had asthma and she had to bring him to a hospital and drove two of her other children with them.

She told KFDM she left Jayden with a phone and told him she was taking the three other children to the hospital.

The fire broke out shortly after midnight while McCray was gone.

She told us she returned less than an hour later to find the apartments on fire and realized it was her unit that was burning.

McCray believes Jayden fell asleep.

Firefighters rescued her three children and they were taken by ambulance to a hospital where they died.

McCray told us the smoke alarm wasn't working.

Jayden was a student at Lincoln Middle School.

No work yet on funeral arrangements.

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