Mom shares gripping account of carrying her children to safety from raging fire

"If the officer hadn't been outside... I probably would have stayed inside," says Jessica Kurtz.

Kurtz was enjoying a normal Saturday with her two children, three-year-old Greyson and one-year-old Olivia, when she opened the blinds in her apartment.

"There were people out there, there's always people out there so I didn't think anything of it, until there was a police officer".

Kurtz lives right below the Glen Oaks apartment that caught on fire Saturday afternoon. Beaumont fire officials say the fire was started from children playing with a lighter.

When Kurtz saw the police officer motioning to get out, and the fire gradually spill out of the apartment above her, she knew she had to react quickly.

"I had to run back and get my kids and than try and unlock my door and open it and that door was already really hard to open," says Kurtz.

When she finally got the door unlocked and ran out, paramedics checked out the family, revealing burns on all three, but worst most of all for Greyson.

"They were telling me in the ambulance that they were all third degree burns and we would have to fly to Galveston."

The burns ended up only being second degree burns.

Kurtz moved into the Glen Oaks apartments a month ago from Illinois, they had finished getting the rest of their stuff from their old home to Beaumont on Friday, the day before the fire.

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