Motiva in 'final phases' of assessing equipment, initial phases of start up

KFDM file photo of the nation's largest oil refinery.

UPDATE (Tuesday, Sept. 5 at 2 p.m.):

Motiva’s Port Arthur refinery is in the final phases of equipment assessments and initial phases of refinery start up.

The refinery's officials expect it to initially return to about 40 percent production by the end of his weekend, "provided that the final assessments meet our operational standards."

From Motiva:

We continue to work closely with state, local and federal governmental officials as well as disaster relief organizations to address storm impacts on our business and to aid our communities in their recovery. Our highest priority remains the safety of our employees and community.

EARLIER: Motiva began a controlled shutdown of its Port Arthur refinery Wednesday morning while the city floods and emergency water rescues are expected throughout the day.

The return to service is contingent upon the flood waters receding, Motiva said in a news release, which added "our priority remains the safety of our employees and community."

The Port Arthur refinery is the largest oil refinery in the United States.

Motiva sent the following statement Thursday:

Motiva is conducting all necessary assessments and preparations to ready the Port Arthur Refinery for startup as soon as the local area flooding has receded. Given the unprecedented flooding in the city of Port Arthur, it remains uncertain how quickly the flood waters will recede, so we cannot provide a timeline for restart at this time. Our priority remains the safety of our employees and community.
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