New voting machines for Orange County to save county money and residents time

Orange County approved purchasing 36 ExpressBallot machines. These machines will cost the county $120 thousand, but Orange County Judge Dean Crooks says it will help save the county money in the long run.

"It does have some upfront cost that we're going to have to deal with,"says Crooks. "In the end, we're going to be moving forward and that's important for out county, for the election process."

Resident s will cast their ballot online using the machine, but Crooks says there will also be a paper record of the vote. The paper ballots will be used as mail-in ballots, and for a time, at voting locations.

"In this case, we will have a paper ballot, so you can go back and a human being can actually read them and count them so its actually the best of both worlds," says Crooks.

For more information, visit the website Expressvote website.

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