No progress in Adams Bayou has local businesses and residents concerned

    Adams Bayou potential flooding

    Two feeder road bridges over Adams Bayou in Orange County are believed to be the reason for excess flooding in this area.

    Two months ago, Bob Baptista, a resident in Orange County, created a proposal illustrating ways to either rebuild or remove the bridges. The proposal was given to Orange County Judge Dean Crooks, who then passed it on to state representatives.

    Judge Crooks says this project is a negligible cost and it should be a priority, especially with the amount of rain fall expected in the next few days.

    TxDot says:

    “We are performing a hydraulic analysis of the bridges to determine if they are in fact causing any upstream flooding and if so, to what extent. We have committed to Judge Crooks that when the analysis is complete, we will meet with him to discuss those findings.”

    Until then, residents in this area are left hoping water won't flood their homes again.

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