Orange couple hoping city's support helps them with FEMA buyout


The Bellons have had their fair share of flood problems over the last 15 years.

Five floods since 2002.

Some from heavy rains, some from hurricanes, but all devastating.

David and Sandra say they've exhausted their options to prevent flooding, within their financial means, so a buyout from FEMA is the most logical option.

"You gotta give it up sooner or later, to the point where you finally accept that you're not gonna stop it," David said. "It's gonna happen again and it could happen on a large rain, or another storm."

On Tuesday, they received support from Orange City Council, a big step in the FEMA buyout process.

'Then the city works with the state and then the state works with the federal government," councilman Patrick Pullen said. "It's a long tedious process and they have been working it for years."

For now, the Bellons will continue to live in their RV in their driveway while they slowly repair what they can.

The waiting game with FEMA will continue, as they could have to wait until December 2018 to get a response.

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