Orangefield Elementary students move into new classrooms one year after Harvey


    17 months ago. Orangefield Elementary School was dealing with the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey.

    Putting in new floors, new tiles, and redesigning classrooms.

    "When you stop and sit down long enough to think about it, it's a long time," Amanda Jenkins said, Principal.

    Jenkins says her and staff have worked countless hours to get their classrooms ready. Come Monday, a relief, half of the 745 students returned to their classrooms.

    "There's been a lot of work happening and going on and so when they get to see it get finished it's kind of like, this is what they've been doing," Jenkins said.

    Believe me, the students have noticed.

    "It was way better than our old classrooms," Carleigh Mouton said, student.

    Mouton says she and her classmates like that they're able to play with new toys, have more space, but her favorite...

    "That we have a new bathroom in there," Mouton said.

    "This last week he's had a super great attitude he's just been so excited for the space and more room for activities and just a fresh new start," Lacy Oliver said, Parent.

    A new start for students, and a breath of fresh air for the staff.

    "We see these other pieces it does feel like home my home is 65-percent done," Jenkins said. "It's going to be finished it's going to beautiful, it's going to be magnificent, and it's going to be an awesome place to learn."

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