Parent weighs in on meningitis precautions from Newton ISD


    Sunday afternoon, Newton Independent School District posted on Facebook that all campus classes are canceled.

    The school district says an elementary school employee is receiving treatment for symptoms of Meningitis.

    Many backed the school's decision and its handling of the situation, but some feel differently.

    "As a parent and as a Newton resident you're concerned about if your kid has come in contact," Brittany Spivey said.

    Spivey has kids and family members that attend Newton Elementary School.

    The school district says they contacted the parents of the students who had direct contact with the employee, but Spivey didn't receive a call.

    "I know for a fact I haven't been contacted and my daughter was in direct contact with this individual," Spivey said.

    The individual remains unknown, and Spivey remains frustrated and scared for her children.

    "Don't just act like, hey your kid was in contact with this person," Spivey said. "When she was throughout the whole school on multiple occasions."

    The school says the diagnosis for Meningitis is unconfirmed.

    Over the next three days, each campus will be cleaned to ensure the safety and health of the students.

    Spivey says not every parent has Facebook, and not having received a phone call still doesn't sit well.

    "The parent should know because they can ask their child whether or not they were in contact," Spivey said. "Or just let everyone know, hey your kid could have been in contact don't just make it a select group of people."

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