Police continue search for remaining suspect in AT&T burglary

    Police continue looking for remaining suspect in AT&T burglary

    UPDATE 1/17/2019:

    The Beaumont Police Department has received multiple inquiries about whether or not the 7th suspect in this incident is still in Hardin County or not.

    BPD understands that many residents in that area are concerned and wanted to let you know that BPD has credible information that the 7th suspect involved in this incident is back in Houston.

    This investigation is on-going and multiple agencies are working together to detain these criminals.

    Police are searching for one final suspect in the burglary of an ATT&T store early Thursday.

    Beaumont Police say it's cracking down on criminals from Houston who come into the golden triangle, something they say the suspects arrested have done often.

    Beaumont police worked with different agencies, including Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Lumberton Police Department, U.S. Marshals, Hardin County Sheriff's Office and the Sour Lake Police Department.

    "We had a car stolen last month here in the the city," says Lumberton Police Chief Danny Sullins. "It was recovered in Houston so we think there's a connection."

    KFDM/FOX 4's Chris Mullooly reports.

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