Popular Golden Triangle radio personality dies

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    A long time radio DJ in Beaumont has died.

    Friends of the radio personality known as Adrian Scott say she passed away this weekend.

    She attended Lamar University before she was hired by Magic 102.5.

    Scott was not only popular on the radio, but also active in the community.

    Her friends and fellow DJs say she'll be missed both on and off the radio.

    "We watched countless celebrities pass we were both here at the station when Michael Jackson passed when Prince passed and for me to be speaking about her in the same context, I don't think it's set in yet," says Jazzie Redd of Magic 102.5. "It's so surreal right now."

    Dwayne Diamond says Adrian Scott was one-of-a-kind.

    "Coming to work with Adrian , even if you were having a bad day she would pick you up," he says. "You couldn't stay mad or down because she was never upset. I don't ever recall seeing her mad."

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