Port Acres homeowner outraged by sewage issues

Many SE Texans were affected by the heavy rain Tuesday. Heidi Chatham, and many homeowners say when it rains, feces and sewer water dumps from the faucets of their homes, into sinks, and bathtubs, making it unsanitary for their families.

The city of Port Arthur says they understand the frustration of homeowners, but a plan is in place to fix the issue. However, residents say it's affecting their way of living.

"We all know that the sewer's going to come back in our houses, we all know with every light rain it's going to flood out here," Heidi Chatham says. "It's frustrating and it's saddening, and I'm tired of being sick I'm tired of my children getting sick."

Assistant Utilities Director for Port Arthur says residents can expect change within the next year, and significant improvement within three.

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