Port Acres residents wonder when water, sewage problems will dry up

People who live in Port Acres are wondering when drainage and sewage problems will dry up in their community. The issues have plagued neighborhoods in Port Arthur following Harvey, but some citizens say they're more frustrated by what they call the city's slow response.

Families in Port Acres may feel waterlogged even on sunny days.

"As you can see, everybody's yards are always flooded," said Samantha Caskey.

The latest-a broken water line near the corner of 61st Street and Pat Avenue.

Eric Bertrand called about the broken line Wednesday night. The city sent workers who marked it and said they'd be back Thursday morning.

"Thursday evening got off of work, came home, we still have water running down the street, and we called again and they said we're going to put you on the list," said Bertrand. "Well, I thought I was on the list Wednesday night."

Monday, Bertrand was still waiting.

"I was told today that it wasn't going to be today or tomorrow. I don't know when I'm on the list. Hopefully, somebody can tell us something."

Tropical Storm Harvey's impact is exposing longtime problems with drainage and sewage.

"It's frustrating, " said Bertrand. "You know, people out here, we're paying our taxes and people continuing to have sewer backup in their houses with the lightest rain. It's not just Port Acres. The entire Port Arthur, the Stonegate area over there off of Lake Arthur, all those residents are facing the same problems."

Samantha Caskey is one of the homeowners dealing with sewage issues. Her toilets don't flush well, but she's more worried about the quality of the water.

"We don't even know if our water is safe to drink, honestly, because I mean, it smells," said Caskey. "You go to shower and it smells like sewage."

Residents say a lack of response from city hall is becoming a pattern and a problem.

Already, the City of Port Arthur has had to turn to the Texas Department of Transportation for help with debris removal, and Jefferson County is clearing ditches in Port Acres.

Residents told us crews were working on the water line Monday afternoon.

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