Port Arthur city officials make deal to scrap historic train

Port Arthur city officials make deal to scrap historic train

Port Arthur city leaders are trying to prevent public anger over a historic train from going off the rails.

We've learned the city council will discuss the fate of the KCS Engine 503 next week.

The locomotive has been a fixture at Bryan Park on Gulfway Drive for six decades.

The city hired Inland Environmental to rid the train of asbestos and to clean up oil coming from the train.

However, former Port Arthur councilman John Beard says city leaders contracted the company at a low cost in exchange for giving the company the rights to sell the scrap metal.

Beard says the city shouldn't have done that deal without public input.

"What's any different than what the city claims that they fired some people for selling scrap metal from old water meters and all and they claim it's their's when they've taken what's our's the citizens and allowed a company to low bid so they can take the scrap metal, and make up the difference," said former councilman John Beard. "Is there any difference in that, no there's no difference. If it's of worth and of value, that's valuable to the citizens."

A Kentucky man launched a GoFundMe page to save the locomotive. His plan is to buy it from Inland Environmental.

If successful, he would move the historic train out of Port Arthur.

So far, he's raised more than $63,000.

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