Proposition allowing alcohol sales

Alcohol in Kirbyville

Right now Kirbyville is a 'dry city' - meaning no alcohol can be sold within city limits.

On November 6th, voters will see a proposition that would allow the sale of beer and wine in the city for off-premise consumption.

Pastor Charles Bburchett is against the proposition. He believes the proposition will bring more harm than good, so he purchased signs.

A statement from the Kirbyville Community for Economic Growth, a group hired by Brookshire Brothers to lobby for the passage, reads: 'There is no place in our socity for the stealing or destruction of signs of those who wish to express their first amendment right.'

Other citizens are for the proposition; stating people are getting alcohol anyway, so might as well buy it here in the city. A big concern is the selling of beer and wine so close to a school.

A polarizing topic for Kirbyville voters.

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