Protecting "soft targets" from active shooters

Protecting "soft targets" from active shooters

A Southeast Texas company run by former police officers is offering advice on how to make public places safer.

"Hedge Protection Ministries" is a company with the goal of protecting churches from active shooters, but some of its tactics can be implemented in other public spaces.

"Deterrence can be physical or technological deterrences like locking the doors," says Co-Founder Steve Visser. "It can be adding cameras so that they know that they're being filmed. It can be adding officers."

Visser says schools, movie theaters, and churches are traditionally "soft targets." Soft targets are places that are generally unprotected or vulnerable. "Hard targets" are places that have security or protection.

"We're going to have to harden the targets for both our schools and our churches," says Visser. "There's just no way around it. We can't leave our kids out to be slaughtered."

Visser says he also personally supports arming teachers who want to be armed and offering them training as well. At the very least, he suggests having someone at a school or church who can fight back when someone attacks.

"Active shooters all have one thing in common, they want to kill as many people as they possibly can," he says. "And if you bring up resistance to them, that's going to lower their success rate. so they're going to want to go to the places where they have the least amount of resistance."

Hedge Protection Ministries is offering a free church security seminar at the Christian Fellowship Center on March . To sign up, click here.

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