Recalled Groves councilman disappointed after election results

Recalled councilman Cross Coburn did not receive the news he was looking for on election night.

"Obviously I don't agree with the decision that was made," Coburn said.

After months of controversy, petitions, and waiting Coburn was recalled by 62% of voters.

The 19-year-old faced scrutiny after nude photos of himself were made public. A key factor that Coburn believes is behind the recall.

"This whole process was just lies and conjecture against me bigoted views against a idealistic 19-year-old I assume," Coburn said.

Coburn believes he was the right candidate for the job.

He has since said that what is done in his private life is nobody's business, and the one's who really suffer are citizens.

"I don't believe any of us was treated fairly through this entire process, me of course, but the citizens above all they are the one's that have to suffer through the injustice," Coburn said.

"There's so much more that have happened in our town you know good things," Angela Dodson said.

Dodson says what's happened with Coburn has put a dark cloud over the city of Groves. What she wants is a fresh start, and believes some new blood on the city council would help.

"I would just like to see the city of groves appoint someone that's responsible and a little older maybe has a little more of a background to his position to his city, and somebody that will be very proactive," Dodson said.

Meanwhile, Coburn looks to do the same.

"I guarantee you I will be at every council meeting every other Monday to make sure that they have your best interest at heart because that is all that matters," Coburn said,

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