Remembering three teens killed in Hardin County collision

Friends and family of three Southeast Texas teenagers killed in a wreck are now relying on social media for comfort.

It's incredible the memories shared on Facebook and Twitter about the three young people who died Sunday night.

It shows not only how much they were loved, but it's also proof of the impact the 18-year-olds had on those who knew them. Even in death, they continue to make a difference.

Video of Alix Neel's baptism at Praise Church is going viral on social media 24 hours after her sudden death.

"When she met Jesus, her life kind of transferred," said Jimmy Banks, the youth pastor. "It was an incredible thing to see."

Banks witnessed Alix's transformation after that baptism. She became a spiritual leader to her peers and her positive influence continues.

"It's a beautiful thing to see that message being shared hundreds of times on social media right now," said Banks. "That Alix is once again impacting the lives of so many people."

Alix and her friends Caringtin Mosley and Garrett Saulters lost their lives Sunday evening in a collision on FM 787 where it intersects with Hunter Road near Saratoga in Hardin County.

State troopers say the car the teens were in crashed into a van that was waiting to turn. Their car then spun into the path of a pickup.

"She loved everyone," said Moriah Miller. "She never had a bad taste of anyone. She never talked bad of anyone and she always just encouraged people and that was the greatest thing about her."

Miller was friends with both Alix and Caringtin Mosley. Caringtin's mother is the school nurse at Henderson Middle School in Sour Lake.

"Caringtin was the brightest person ever and she always lifted Alix up, anytime she was in a rut," said Miller. "Anything Alix was going through, Caringtin would always be a text away."

Garrett Saulters is described as a young man with a sweet, genuine heart, always there for others.

"It's a message to young people," said Banks. "You don't have to wait until you're older to make an impact on this world. You can as a young person."

It's the second major loss in only six weeks for Abigail Hecht. Her father died unexpectedly as well. He was 45 and she says a second dad to Alix.

Abigail says like Alix, she's relying on her faith for strength.

"That was actually the first thing that went through my mind was that her and my dad were together," said Hecht. "Part of me was like 'oh God, she gets to see him before I do. That's not fair.' But I'm just happy. It's hard for us, but she's in such an incredible place. We can't ever imagine."

Garrett Saulters' grandmother has set up a gofundme account to help with burial expenses. Click here to donate

Three others were hurt in the collision. At last check, the Texas Department of Public Safety told us they remained hospitalized with serious injuries.

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