'Ride of Silence' hits home for one mother, who lost son in bike accident

ride of silence.jpg

Bagpipes outside Beaumont's Kickstand Bike Shop marked the 13th 'Ride of Silence' event, which has meant a great deal for Morgan Brown.

"He loved riding bikes," says Brown.

Brown lost her son, Louis Brown Jr., in 2008 when his bike was hit by a car. The 22-year old's bike was so badly damaged, his mother wasn't able to repair it, now riding one of the other bikes he owned.

"It means everyhing to be able to keep his bike that he rode, you know, and to ride it myself in honor of him and those who have fallen," says Brown.

The event honors those killed while riding bikes, and also brings awareness to cyclist safety on the roads.

"Trying to bring awareness to that pecking order on the road," says Tom Simon, one of the organizers. "Pedestrian, cyclist and then motorist, and there are laws both ways for cars as well as cyclists."

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