Seth Haynes trial: Witness testifies defendant admitted to murder

Prosecutors played a tape in court this afternoon with no jury present, showing Seth Haynes, 21, confessing to shooting Alex Straway in self-defense.

Beaumont Police found Straway's body in January of last year. The 21-year-old had been shot and his car set on fire with his body inside.

Haynes is on trial for murdering Straway, and Wednesday, several witnesses testified, including a friend of Haynes who said Haynes admitted to killing Straway, but said it was in self-defense.

According to testimony, in January of last year, an argument occurred between Haynes and Straway while traveling to a party hours before his body was found.

Haynes told the witness he feared for his life when he saw a gun clip inside the car. He asked to be let out of the car, but was denied.

Moments later he shot and killed Straway.

Several more witnesses are expected to testify. The defense has not begun presenting its side of the case. If convicted, Haynes would face up to life in prison.

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