SETX non-profit organization requests donations for families affected by shutdown


    Four men are members of the Golden Triangle Chapter or the Chief Petty Officer's Association (CPOA).

    They're calling out to SE Texans to assist families effected by the government shutdown.

    "It's my chance to try to rally the community for the people in the community that are hurting at this time," Justin Swain said, member.

    About 800,000 federal employees are currently not being paid, which doesn't sit well with many.

    "They got $500 in savings, am I making that last two weeks, or do I have to stretch this for three or four months?" Swain said. "Those are the decisions and the stress being put upon these young families."

    now this non-profit organization wants to help.

    In a letter, they're requesting donations for families who may be in need.

    "Non perishable foods, baby supplies, house hold items."

    And other donations for a sustainable living for anyone who is affected.

    "We may not be able to address every single need but we are working around the clock to try and help people as the needs arise," Gregory Bailey said, member.

    "Charity work stuff like that trying to help one another, that's what our nation is built upon is helping each other out," Chris Johnson said, member.

    And trying to make a difference for a community that helps make a difference for them.

    "Looking after the community when they've done so much for us is a very important mindset of ours," Brian Shajari said, member.

    A mindset and a code to live by.

    "To do this those that are affected, to us is giving back and that goes back to that mindset of service before self," Shajari said.

    Donations may include via CPOA:

    • Non Perishable items (cereal, canned goods, rice, pasta, etc...)
    • Gas and grocery gift cards
    • Paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, etc...)
    • House hold supplies (laundry and dish detergent, toothpaste, soap, shampoo)
    • Baby supplies (diapers, wipes formula)
    • Gift cards to local restaurants

    Drop off locations:

    Port Arthur International Seafarer's Center:

    401 Houston Ave Port Arthur TX 77640

    Dr. Bess office:

    3875 Laurel Ave Beaumont, TX 77707

    Triangle Therapeutics Beaumont:

    2990 Laurel Ave Beaumont, TX 77707

    Triangle therapeutics Port Arthur:

    5957 9th Ave Port Arthur TX 77642

    VA office at Lamar University:

    4400 South MLKing Jr Parkway Beaumont TX 77705

    American Legion Post 493:

    Friday January 18th from 12-4pm

    922 Nederland Avenue

    Lake Charles Area:

    American Legion Post 1

    1530 9th St, Lake Charles, LA 70601

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