Severe weather causes damage at LU campus

Severe weather causes damage at LU campus

A line of severe storms packing straight line winds of at least 50 mph moved across Southeast Texas early Saturday morning, damaging the roof at the Lamar University Police Department and causing other minor damage on and near the campus.

"It's pretty devastating," says Corporal Jarrod Samford of Lamar University's Police Department. "There's lots of computers and paperwork and a lot of things we're responsible for as far as record keeping it's going to take a little time to get that back up.

The storm knocked out power to part of the campus but Entergy has now restored electricity.

"We've managed hurricanes without this much damage," says Samford.

The damage occurred at about 3 a.m. and is prompting the Lamar University Police Department to move its offices Saturday and throughout the weekend to the former Human Resources Building. It'll be ready by the time classes begin Monday.

The building is located at the southeast corner of Rolfe Christopher and Jim Gillian Blvd.

The winds caused minor damage to the Family and Consumer Sciences, Carl Parker, Communications and Engineering Research buildings.

KFDM Chief Meteorologist Greg Bostwick says the National Weather Service will send in a team and try to determine if there's any possibility a tornado caused the damage.

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