Shalala Fletcher autopsy report reveals new information

An autopsy report released by a Jefferson County justice of the peace is shedding new light on the shooting death of Shalala Fletcher.

Investigators said July 2 the 36-year old mother of three was a passenger in the car of two men accused of stealing beer from a convenience store on Jimmy Johnson Blvd. in Port Arthur.

A former Lamar University security guard came upon the scene. Investigators previously told KFDM and 6 News on Fox that the man fired several shots to disable the vehicle.

Fletcher was struck and killed. Port Arthur Police said they were unable to determine whether she was asleep at the time.

"We're very remorseful and my client has been extremely pained that there was a loss of life in this but I think that it will be very clear that my client's actions were lawful and justified," Scott Renick, an attorney representing the man accused of shooting Fletcher, said. "There has been a lot of inaccurate information that's been disseminated into the public about what actually occurred but this is something where my client had to make some decisions very quickly feeling that his own person or life was in jeopardy and took actions that were justified and lawful."

The autopsy report released Wednesday lists Fletcher's death as a homicide caused by a gunshot to her torso. It also shows she had drugs in her system, including cocaine and THC.

"The autopsy results do not change anything. What I think it does suggest is that the people that ultimately were involved in this alleged robbery appeared to have maybe been making some decisions that were questionable leading up to this," Renick said.

But Fletcher's family has other questions.

"What about his charges? We understand they're going to charge these other guys, I know they will, but what about the shooter," Fletcher's relative, Carlton Mitchell, told KFDM and 6 News on Fox in a previous interview.

The question has yet to be answered.

The grand jury could hear the case within two weeks.

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