Group protests outside Garden Bros. Circus performance at Ford Arena


A group of protesters at the Garden Bros. Circus outside Ford Arena were trying to inform people of what Angela Dodson says goes on behind the curtain.

Dodson said using animals in circus acts isn't appropriate.

The group of protesters hoped their brochures and posters would stop people from coming to the circus in the future.

"We're just trying to educate the public, nobody is throwing red paint or yelling we're just waving and smiling," says Angela Dodson, one of the protesters.

She said the use of animals, specifically elephants, is especially alarming.

"They're still using live animal acts and even Ringling Brothers has cut that out, there's really no use for it," says Dodson.

Merces Puailie, who took her daughter to Garden Bros. Circus, doesn't necessarily agree with the protesters.

"It all depends on the trainer, how the animals being treated," Puailie said.

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