Investigators say stepfather accidentally shoots stepson

Stepfather accidentally shoots stepson he mistakes for animal

A child is in recovery at a Houston area hospital after investigators say his stepfather accidentally shot him when they were heading back from watching a meteor shower.

The two were leaving Highway 90 in Nome after watching a meteor show when the man says he heard something running behind him and thought it was an animal.

The man pulled out his gun and fired a shot, then realized he'd struck his 12-year-old stepson in the forearm.

He immediately called 911 , meeting deputies at Snappy's Exxon convenience store in China.

The nearest ambulance was 20 miles away in Rose City so deputies treated the wound and were given permission to transport him to the CHRISTUS Hospital St. Elizabeth.

The 12-year-old boy was later transferred to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston for further treatment and is now in stable condition.

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