Stolen 18-wheeler leads police on chase through Jasper

    Photo by Mike Lout

    Officers from both the Jasper Police Department and the Newton County Sheriff's Department are investigating the early morning theft of vehicles both in Jasper and also in nearby Burkeville.

    The investigation began early Friday morning when workers at Abel's Auto Detailing on Highway 63, on the east side of Jasper arrived for a day of work and discovered that a large 18 wheeled tractor truck and a pick up truck had been stolen.

    Officers said it appeared that someone had pulled down a gate and fence at the business to gain access to the vehicles.

    A short time later it was discovered that the pick up truck, which belonged to Sanchez had been found behind a convenience store at the intersection of Highways 190 and 87. However, upon the officers arrival there it was also discovered that another pick up truck that had been parked across the street was also stolen.

    Later in the morning officers said the eighteen wheeled tractor trailer truck, which was owned by Red Watson of Burkeville and the pickup truck owned by Paul Palmer of Jasper had been found in Livingston. Also, it was learned that a large, red, Peterbuilt tractor trailer truck in Livingston had been stolen.

    However, not it is still not known who took the vehicles and what their motive was.

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