String of burglaries have businesses on high alert

Two men dressed in all black. Caught on camera trying to break in to James Brown's Gumbo House in Vidor.

Thankfully, Brown's alarm went off. Scaring the intruders away.

This burglary was the first of three to hit the shopping center.

The second burglary happened at Los Primos Tires, where cash was stolen.

The third burglary happened at Old Store Antiques.

Store owner Jerry Robertson says 36-year-old Jonathon Francis came into the shop and was staring at some antique coins. Later that night, someone broke into the store, stealing those coins. Leaving this glass case empty and shattered.

Vidor Police arrested Francis, and charged him with burglary of a building. His bond is set at 15,000 dollars.

Vidor Police Chief Rod Carroll says at this time, he isn't sure if there is a link between the burglaries.

Businesses in the area are now investing in extra security systems, in case another criminal strikes again.

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