Strong winds cause damage to business and homes

A windstorm swept across Southeast Texas Wednesday night.

"You know they had two trash cans that was right there, that went straight through that fence," said Eric Roundtree, Chuck's Wrecking Service.

Winds estimated at 50-55 damaged a side of the building.

"It got a couple busted windows on some cars, but it didn't damage nothing on that side really," said Roundtree.

The winds tore apart the roof, relocating cars and destroying a fence.

Roundtree had no clue what had just hit.

"I was going on a call this morning and I swung by here and I thought someone ran through the fence," said Roundtree.

Surveillance video shows the winds picking up speed around 11:00 p.m. Wednesday and making their presence felt.

A business that has been around for decades now put in an uncommon situation.

"We lost the fence on the other side during Ike, then Harvey just water wasn't no damage here, then this one here come through overnight and there you have it," said Roundtree.

Jose Palaez' daughter lives at the corner of Ogden and Brockman. A tree in the back of her yard came crashing down onto her home and others in the neighborhood.

"There's a lot of damage now in Beaumont around South Park," said Palaez.

Paleaz says he's thankful no one was hurt.

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