'Super sack' sandbags on standby at breached levee in case of storm

    Jefferson County Drainage District 7 is charge of the effort to repair and pay for a failed levee in Port Arthur. The expected bill is $10 million. (KFDM photo)

    About 1,700 giant sandbags are placed on the water side of a breached levee in Port Arthur and another 1,200 are on deck in case of a tropical storm.

    Phil Kelley, general manager of Jefferson County Drainage District 7, says work is progressing at the levee since repairs began earlier this month.

    Workers are having to patch up a 200-foot stretch of the levee system that's protected the Port Arthur area for more than 40 years.

    Repairing the levee will cost around $10 million, according to county officials.

    The levee is by the Valero refinery docks off Highway 87 at Taylor Bayou.

    Kelley says workers are almost done erecting a crane, which will be used to hoist the sheet piles on the land side of the levee.

    That work could begin as early as Wednesday. Installing the sheet piles could take a couple of weeks.

    There is a tropical wave being monitored in the Gulf of Mexico, which is expected to reform Wednesday into a tropical storm. It could affect the south or mid-Texas coast by Friday.

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