Teen, parent, school district warn about consequences of "choke out game"

    A 13-year-old and his mother tell KFDM News he agreed to play "the choke out game" at school Wednesday and ended up seeking medical treatment.

    The family and boy, and Vidor ISD, are warning parents and students to be aware of the possible life-threatening consequences.

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    An incident occurred yesterday at Vidor Junior High School where students were participating in a 'choking game' they had created. One student was taken to the nurse, the parents were contacted, and the student was taken by the parent for medical assessment.

    Vidor Junior High officials have addressed the problem by making an announcement to all students this morning over the PA system outlining the dangers of this activity and were told, "This is not a game." In addition, a call out to parents will be made this afternoon. The VJHS Student News group will provide an informational video about this dangerous activity tomorrow morning, and all students will be required to watch. This will also be discussed in the VJHS staff meeting tomorrow, and staff is on alert to be hyper sensitive to this activity.

    It is the priority of Vidor Independent School District to insure the safety and well-being of every child in the district.

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