The battle between an alligator and seemingly everyone in Beaumont is over, humans win

    The battle between an alligator and seemingly everyone in Beaumont is over, humans win!

    You've seen concrete broken up before, but the activity on Thursday afternoon at S. 23rd St. in Beaumont was no ordinary project, no regular road resurfacing.

    The manual labor, in the brutal Beaumont heat, was a part of a thrilling game of cat and mouse.

    All this, for an alligator.

    "I really didn't expect it at all," says 12-year old Samantha McKeel. The North Carolina native is visiting Beaumont for a few days, but the experience in the drainage ditch caught her and her family by surprise.

    Safe to say, she's hesitant on coming back.

    "There were kids over there and they were throwing rocks at it and it was hissing, he was not liking it at all," says McKeel.

    Gary Saurage and his wife of Gator County were called in by a nearby business to handle the alligator dilemma, but there in lied the problem.

    Underneath the concrete siding of the ditch, the alligator had plenty of room to move around, forcing Saurage to re-think his strategy.

    Spectators on hand, had no problem with first responders taking their time.

    "You see me, I'm chillin'," says Tamico Baker.

    Baker brought over a folding chair, where she was able to stay in the shade, and watch the show.

    "I'm not leaving until we see the gator too," said Brown.

    Eventually, DD6 brought in a crane to break apart the concrete ditch, and Saurage was able to capture the alligator.

    The whole spectacle took three and a half hours, and was something even first responders say was something they'd never experienced before.

    "Only in Southeast Texas, but that's the beauty of the job," says Beaumont firefighter Josh Fowler.

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