Thefts, burglary reported at unfinished home in Beaumont

Imagine paying good money for a new home only to find that thieves have slowly been stealing materials from the construction site.

From tools to tiles to a whole refrigerator, lots of items have come up missing in a Beaumont neighborhood full of new homes.

"Some things be gone, some things be missing," says brick layer Earl Jackson.

If you have any information on the crime, call Crime Stoppers at 833-TIPS.

Home builder Rami Khdeir says within the past month, thefts and burglaries have been taking place at his Quail Street construction sites.

Thursday morning, he realized an entire refrigerator had been stolen from a home under construction in the 7800 block of Quail Street.

A spray paint gun was also stolen.

Together, Khdeir says those items were worth nearly $4,000.

Each theft and burglary puts the workers more behind schedule.

"The material has got to be there waiting for them (contractors), or else that just throws them off a day late," says Jackson.

Beaumont Police suggest home builders and buyers take pictures of the items at their construction sites, write down the serial numbers for their tools, and keep an updated inventory as well as security cameras.

"Security cameras will give you some peace of mind," says Officer Haley Morrow with the Beaumont Police Department. "And they also go a long way in an investigation when detectives are trying to figure out who is responsible for stealing these items."

Beaumont Police say they've received at least one other report on a similar theft.

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