Three suspects in Beaumont to be charged with attempted capital murder

Dustin Jermaine Bernard_994x558.jpg

Beaumont police say they plan to charge three suspects Thursday morning (July 20) with attempted capital murder.

Investigators say they've connected 21-year old Dustin Bernard and two juveniles to a shooting on July 12 at a residence on Yorktown Lane in Beaumont. A man who lives at the home was not injured.

The man who lives at the residence says his small dog alerted him that someone was outside the home.

Police say Bernard and the two juveniles were in the process of trying to burglarize the Yorktown Lane residence when the shots were fired.

Bernard has denied involvement in the shooting on Yorktown Lane.

In another case, police say Bernard and the two juveniles have admitted to an attempted auto burglary in the 1500 block of Marshall Wood Drive in Beaumont on July 12.

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