Toddler in Houston hospital after nearly drowning


    Port Neches Police Chief Paul Lemoine says the condition of a toddler pulled from an above ground pool shortly before 6 p.m. Sunday in the 2500 block of 15th Street hasn't changed.

    Shari Pulliam with the Texas Department of Child Protective Services says there have been 56 child drownings so far this year in Texas, and this most recent one should be a wake-up call to those in Southeast Texas..

    "You've got to teach your children how to swim at an early age, that way, they have a chance if they do fall in a pool and no adult is watching," says Pulliam.

    The child is at Texas Children's Hospital., after being taken to the Medical Center of Southeast Texas.

    The child was in the pool with several other children when they noticed the toddler was missing. Adults immediately pulled the child out and began lifesaving efforts.

    Pulliam says it's never to early to teach kids to swim.

    "I've seen children learn how to swim at one year old, there are videos out where children are learning how to swim at 6 months old," says Pulliam.

    CPS says there have been 56 drownings so far this year in Texas.

    Click here for more information on how to keep kids safe from drowning.

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