Victim of Facebook scam in Beaumont speaks out

Victim of Facebook scam in Beaumont speaks out

The woman doesn't want her face of camera, but she does want her story told. She fears retaliation after she says she was a victim of a Facebook scam coordinated by Brendan McGee, 20, of Beaumont.

"It was something i never thought would happen to me," the woman said.

The woman says she was in need of a car and saw an ad on Facebook. She then messaged McGee, and days later she and a friend arranged a meeting with McGee to buy a car at the designated spot on Lee street in Beaumont.

"He immediately turned facing us and put his right hand inside of the fanny pack he had on turned facing us back and aimed it straight at us saying give me all your money."

The woman says McGee demanded money, and when she turned to reach into the car McGee became impatient.

"I look up and the gun is right there to my head, I just gave it to him i didn't want him to shoot me."

The woman says McGee stole $4,300 and left.

Three weeks have passed, and she can't get the image of a gun pointed at her out of her head.

"All I can do is see the gun when I close my eyes in my face you know with him telling me to give him all my money so you know it's not easy," she said.

Beaumont Police say McGee is charged with two aggravated robberies.

Police say they believe McGee robbed others through the Facebook scam.

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