Vidor ISD pushes for no STAAR test after Harvey

Vidor ISD pushes for no STAAR test after Harvey

A local superintendent is asking the TEA for a pass this year when it comes to state testing after Harvey.

While many students are still dealing with the aftermath of the floods, the superintendent says he wants to put their well being first.

"They’re out of their homes, they’re stressed out, they’re living with family, many of them, they’re displaced," says Dr. Jay Killgo, Vidor ISD's superintendent.

Flooding ruined the floors in his office, and shut down Oak Forest and Vidor Middle School until they get the necessary repairs.

"To expect them to perform at those high expectations during such a stressful year just seems too much," says Killgo.

He says there's an ongoing dialogue with the agency about the pressures Vidor students are facing, but nothing official has taken place yet.

He hopes Vidor's kids won't have to test this year, or at least, he'd like for there to be modifications in how the scores are counted.

The TEA's commissioner has not made any announcement or any decision on the matter at this point.

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