Vidor lawyer accuses police of not properly investigating her husband's shooting death

Vidor lawyer Karla Rogers, who's now a widow, accuses police of not properly investigating her husband's shooting death.

A well-known lawyer in Vidor accuses the Vidor Police Department of not properly investigating her husband's shooting death.

Karla Rogers says not only are Vidor officers not doing their jobs, she claims they're targeting her as a suspect.

KFDM/Fox 4's Angel San Juan spoke with Karla Rogers on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017.

Roger's husband, Dale, was shot almost two weeks ago on Sept. 30, but sources say that initially Vidor police investigators on scene knew Dale Rogers was dead, but they did not know that he had died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

It was not discovered until the autopsy.

Karla Rogers says the investigation has been botched since then.

"I loved him so much,." Karla Rogers said, referring to her deceased husband.

She says she and her husband, Dale, would have celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary this month (October 2017).

"He was the best man ever," Karla Rogers said while crying. "I lost my best friend. I lost my husband. I lost my confidante."

Rogers and her husband were staying at her law office on Vidor's Main Street on Sept. 30, the day he was killed.

She says she was sleeping and her husband was on this couch watching television.

On the couch is where police found Dale Rogers dead the night of Sept. 30.

Rogers says she didn't know what caused his death.

And, initially, neither did police.

An autopsy later revealed that 65-year-old Dale Rogers had been shot in the chest.

The autopsy does not state the manner of death -- whether it was a homicide or suicide.

"There has been no investigation," Karla Rogers said. "They've decided, the cops have decided who the guilty party is and they're not looking for anybody else."

Rogers claims Vidor police are focused only on her and her two sons as suspects.

"They're thinking one of us is going to turn on the other, none of us had any reason to hurt that man, like I said he was the best man you'd ever want to meet. I wish you had met him," Rogers said. to reporter Angel San Juan.

The Vidor Police Department is mum on the case.

Police Chief Rod Carroll has only confirmed that there's an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death Dale Rogers.

But his widow has her own theories.

She says her law office is on a busy street, and the doors are frequently left open.

She claims she's faced intruders in the past.

"I have meth heads walking past here constantly," Karla Rogers said.

And, the long-time lawyer hasn't ruled out the possibility of a disgruntled client.

"You have clients who are not happy with what you've done or how their case turned out," Karla Rogers said.

she fears her husband's killer will not be caught as long as Vidor police consider her a suspect.

Rogers even accuses officers of treating her like a criminal, pointing to a bruise on her leg that, she says, is a result of police slamming her to the floor.

"They didn't do their job that night and haven't done one thing since then, except aggravate me, accuse me and handcuff me and slam me down on this porch," she said.

Again, all that KFDM News has learned from Vidor Police Chief Rod Carroll at this time is that a death investigation is underway.

Earlier this week, KFDM spoke with District Attorney John Kimbrough, who told KFDM the case is in the hands of Vidor police.

Kimbrough said he's waiting for the police department to finish its investigation.

Stay with KFDM News for updates.

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