Prominent Jasper couple convicted of wire fraud files for bankruptcy

Rosie Diggles and husband Walter Diggles hold hands as they leave the Ward R. Burke Federal Courthouse in Lufkin during their criminal trial which began in late July and ended in early August of 2017. (KJAS file photo by Steve W Stewart)

Federal court documents filed in the Eastern District of Texas say that Walter and Rosie Diggles have filed chapter 13 bankruptcy. Meanwhile, there’s still no date set for sentencing after the husband and wife and their daughter, Anita Diggles, were convicted by a federal jury on some 30 felony counts in August of last year.

Paperwork filed by the couple lists fourteen creditors, which includes four banks, six auto loan companies, and also the City of Jasper, Jasper County, the Jasper County Tax Office, and the Jasper Independent School District.

The filing lists the trustee as John Talton, of Tyler.

The paperwork listed Walter Diggles doing business as “Summer Sun Books & Media”, and Rosie Diggles doing business as “Rosie’s Fashion and Apparel."

Court documents indicate that the first hearing regarding the claim of bankruptcy could come as soon as March.

Late last year the government filed a motion asking U.S. District Judge Ron Clark to allow them to seize $1.3 million from all three. Currently, that portion of the case is tied up with objections filed by the defense attorneys.

As for sentencing, that is also tied up with objections filed by the defense.

Walter Diggles was the former Executive Director of the Deep East Texas Council of Governments, and he continues as pastor of the Lighthouse Church of God in Christ on Helen Street, where his wife and daughter also have leadership roles.

Prosecutors presented evidence to the jury last year which proved that the family funneled money from the Deep East Texas Council of Governments into an organization at his church known as the Deep East Texas Foundation, and then into their pockets.

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