Water covering roads in Deweyville makes it difficult to get home

    Water covering roads in Deweyville

    Lifted trucks traveling cautiously through water, that is covering County Road 4203. Those living on this road, like George Sharp, are forced to drive through water to get home.

    “We originally had to go by boat because my truck wouldn't make it,” Sharp says. “We can get through there now in this vehicle, but even now it's starting to get up under the vehicle.”

    Monica Smith is another resident who lives in the area. She moved to Deweyville 19 years ago; and since 2016, she’s been living on edge.

    “We felt pretty comfortable about moving out here and now we panic every time we see heavy rain,” she says. “This was where we wanted to raise our kids. The school district is great, we're out in the country but close enough to the city, and this is where we chose to live. I love it here. If they could get a handle on things up north, I’d stay here forever. But you get older, you can’t go through this all the time.”

    The Sabine River crested at 27 feet, pouring water into Deweyville, and forcing the Smith family to prepare for the worst: “We rented a U-Haul for like two days and a mini storage, just in case.”

    Now, the Smith family is safe, but water still covers the roads.

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