Beaumont's water stations remain underwater


    BEAUMONT (Sinclair Broadcast Group) – Beaumont City officials held a news conference Thursday regarding the ongoing water crisis for the city.

    Officer Carol Riley lead the news conference and emphasizing that the cities first priory is human life and rescue operations.

    Mayor Becky Ames thanked the community for their help and said there was nothing they could have done to prevent flooding of this magnitude.

    “This is not the time to panic but for careful preparation for the next step,” Ames said.

    Beaumont City Manager, Kyle Hayes, explained that the city of Beaumont has two sources of water. The first is a plant north of the city with three wells. About 30 percent of the city’s water comes from this location.

    The second and main pump station is located about 10 miles away. Approximately 70 percent of the city’s water comes from this location.

    Both pump locations are flooded and currently underwater.

    “We will get through this like we did with hurricanes Rita and Ike,” Hayes said. “We are going to do everything we can to restore water to our citizens.”

    Hayes said they are waiting for the water to recede before they can go in and assess the damage to the stations.

    City officials said they plan to set up three water stations for people to obtain bottled water. However, specific locations for those stations have not been given as authorities are still working out logistics.

    Officer Riley said that many of the roads exiting and entering the city are not clear yet and urged people not to attempt to drive.

    “Right now, Beaumont is on an island,” Riley said.

    Riley added that they are looking to evacuate people from the civic center.

    “That is again why we need our roads open, to get people in medical emergency situations out of the area,” Riley said.

    Currently, a curfew is not in place for Beaumont.

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