Woman says she was told telepathically 3 people would cause a shooting at DOJ, police say

    Police respond to reports of an active shooter at the Department of Justice in Washington, Monday, June 11, 2018. (WJLA/Brad Bell)

    Authorities said Monday's report of an active shooter at the Department of Justice came from a Massachusetts woman who claims she was warned of a possible attack through telepathy.

    D.C. police said that Kathleen Lynch of Ludlow, Massachusetts, told them she was telepathically contacted by someone named Ian MKclowd who warned her that a shooting would happen at the DOJ.

    Police said Lynch told them there were three suspects inside but both D.C. Police and DOJ officers did a sweep of the building and did not find any evidence of Lynch's statement.

    Authorities gave the all clear and confirmed that no shooting ever took place. Lynch has not been charged at this time but police say the incident is still under investigation.

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