Harvey Health: Three ways to reduce your risk

debris leftover from Harvey

Tropical Storm Harvey hit Southeast Texas hard.

Leaving reminders of everything lost in debris piles along our streets.

But now, the risk those debris piles present could be much more than you think.

Steve Deatrick, director of pulmonary care services at Baptist Hospitals, says homeowners need to take these risks more seriously.

Especially since there are easy ways to protect yourself.

"You inhale those mold spores, they get into your lungs, it's a nice warm moist area," Deatrick says. "You're going to have some pulmonary problems. Wear gloves; they're simple things."

Deatrick says it's also important to go see your primary care doctor if you think you are experiencing any symptoms, like cough, sneeze or irritated throat and lungs.

The longer you wait, the worse it could get.

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