Special Report: Where's my mail?

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Bridge City Postal Service delivery operations will move back from the Orange Post office, a USPS spokeswoman tells KFDM.

This comes after dozens of complaints to the Postal Service, and to KFDM regarding missing packages and mail.

Laura Aranda says there's been a lot of problems with deliveries, long before Tropical Storm Harvey.

"It's very frustrating," Aranda said. "You have mail that's coming to you that you're delivering to someone else. When there's people that rely on you for products, that gets kind of frustrating."

Tonya Singletary says, sometimes residents don't get mail at all, then a few days later, they get three days worth.

"Packages will be delivered to Bridge City or to Orange," Singletary said. "It'll say out for delivery, and two or three days will go by and I still won't get it."

Many believe the problems began a couple of years ago when much of the Bridge City postal operations moved to the Orange post office. We submitted a freedom of information act request with the US Postal Service to see just how many problems there were over the past year in Bridge City. It turns out, there were several.

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