Attorney files for injunction against LU on behalf of fired women's softball coach

Attorney Cade Bernsen has filed for an injunction against Lamar University on behalf of the fired women's head softball coach Holly Bruder and another coach, Allison Honkofsky.

Bruder was fired after complaints from a player who claims she wasn't allowed to order a non-meat sandwich for Lent when she received one containing meat during a road trip.

Bernsen denies the player's claim.

He says Bruder was wrongfully terminated and that a gag order was wrongfully put in place to prevent her from speaking out.

Bernsen also says Lamar University violated its own policy manual in the way it carried out the actions against Bruder and Honkofsky, and he argues the school wrongfully claims the Texas State University System rules apply. He says those rules afford virtually no protections at all for aggrieved employees. According to Bernsen, the LU Policy Manual supercedes the TSUS rules.

"Apparently, Lamar has decided that these rights and protections are just too burdensome for Lamar to follow and it needs to “change the rules of the game” with respect to Coach Bruder and Coach Honkofsky," says Bernsen in the injunction filing. "Thus, Lamar is now attempting to play the Texas State University System Rules and Regulations as a trump card after the game has begun."

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