Volunteers meet at Beaumont church to continue disaster relief effort


If you've seen the lines wrapped around the Cathedral In the Pines Church in Beaumont, it's because of the effort to get people back on their feet post-Harvey.

About 100 volunteers gathered at the church Thursday morning to get ready for more ground work as Southeast Texans recover from the devastating storm.

Pastor Randy Feldschau said people came from Georgia, Virginia, California and Mexico to lend helping hands.

Many are sleeping on cots inside of the church and showering in trailers outside of the church.

"They dropped everything to come to Southeast Texas and help us through this flood," Feldschau said. "It's not the best condition but they're willing to do it just to help us."

Through Operation Blessing, the church plans to have at least 300 volunteers from across the country and beyond.

The invitation to help also extends to locals, Feldschau said.

"I've had people in my church that have lost everything - out of Bevil Oaks, Pinewood and elsewhere - lost everything and still came to volunteer to help with distribution and cleanup," the pastor said.

"And so I just want to encourage all the people in Beaumont and Southeast Texas to come sign up to volunteer because it's very rewarding and it helps the healing process when you just drop what you're doing to help your friends and neighbors through their crises."

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