Kitten found severely burned, police have no leads

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    A severely burned kitten that was found last week in Molalla is expected to recover from her injuries.

    The roughly eight-week-old kitten suffered burns all over her head, body, and paws. Her whiskers were singed and she no longer has eyelids.

    A woman found the cat wandering Main Street in Molalla last Thursday and rushed her to Paws Animal Shelter in West Linn. The cat was taken to Barclay Hills Animal Clinic, where she was examined, and received antibiotics and ointment. She was later returned to the shelter and given to volunteer caretaker Ellen Worsham on Friday.

    "Her little mouth was all swollen," Worsham told KATU's Chris Liedle. "She is probably going to lose the rest of her skin on the top of her nose right here, that may or may not come back."

    The shelter temporarily named the kitty Meghan Markle after Prince Harry's fiancé. Executive Director Sharon Murphy says the two share some similarities, as she'll have to be taken care of like one for some time.

    "She's going to be a princess," Murphy said of the kitty. "She may not look like it now, but she's going to be a princess!"

    The shelter says a 'forever home' is lined up, but people interested in helping along the way can donate to Paws Animal Shelter or adopt a cat of their own.

    Even though the kitten will be heading to a great home, adoption is not something Worsham wants to hear after she's formed a bond with the cat.

    "It will be hard to give her up," Worsham said holding the kitten in the palm of her hand. "She's beautiful."

    Molalla Police told KATU no one had filed a report and they were not aware of the incident.

    While it's not clear what happened, Murphy says it's possible someone intentionally burned the cat.

    "Please don't let it be caused by somebody," Murphy said tearing up. "The fact that she was burned over her whole body is, is horrific."

    The attention, though, is on the cat's recovery.

    "I soak her three times a day," Worsham said. "She takes medication three times a day. She takes pain relief, and is also on antibiotics twice a day."

    Worsham is seeing signs of healing.

    "I knew that she was going to be okay the other morning when I was sitting in the bathroom and she was laying on my chest and she started playing with the string of my jacket, just like a typical kitten," Worsham said. "Once she is healed, we'll get her spayed and then she will be ready to go to her forever home."

    If you have any information about the incident, you're asked to call the Molalla Police Department at (503) 829-8817.

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