LC-M's Randy Crouch named one of Louisiana Tech's 50 Greatest


Little Cypress-Mauriceville’s Athletic Director and Head Football Coach, Randy Crouch will be recognized on September 8, by Louisiana Tech University as one of the greatest 50 players to ever step foot on the field at Joe Aillet Stadium.

Besides serving as Athletic Director and Head Football Coach for LCM since 2008, Coach Crouch served as offensive coordinator for the Bears from 1994-1998, when he went to West Orange-Stark where he served as offensive coordinator and offensive line coach in his time with the Mustangs.

Besides these positions in Orange, he has served as head coach at Sulphur High School and DeQuincy High School, offensive line coach and defensive coach at Louisiana Tech, where he earned his bachelor’s degree, and graduate assistant at Baylor University, where he received his master’s degree.

Coach Crouch has many memories playing with several teammates who went on to play professionally. In his freshman year at LA Tech, he thought he would be a red shirt, but was sent in the first game against defensive end, John Matuszak. “He was massive,” Crouch remembers. “He looked at me and said, ‘Hey, number 74, does your mama know you’re out here?’” That same year the team won the 1-AA Championship playoff against Western Kentucky. During the four years he was at LA Tech, the team’s record was 44-4.

Teammates that stand out in his memory are Fred Dean, Mike Barber, Roland Harper, Roger Carr, Pat Tilley, Billy Rickman and Winfred Wheeler.

One piece of advice that Coach said came from his father was that “You’d better enjoy what you do because you’ll be doing it a long time.” So far, it’s been 54 years that Randy Crouch has been playing or coaching football. It’s a good thing he took that advice. When he’s not in football season, he’s watching film, watching other teams play, talking football and making plans for the next time the team hits the field.

The head coach and athletic director says that if he has any regrets, it’s that he was always working with kids other than his own. “My wife (Dewanna) allowed me to do that by handling everything at home on her own. She’s been supportive, always there.” Their three children were born while they were in Rustin when he coached for LA Tech.

Crouch says that he hopes to make an impact on the player’s, not just by winning, but by making a difference in their lives. The toughest thing, he says, is being consistent, fair, setting the right example and to somehow get across to them that what you learn now will help with the rest of your life. Seeing success in the kids that have had a hard time is one of the great things about the job.

Adjusting to changes is also a challenge. You have to have a Plan A, Plan B and sometimes more than that. Having his priorities straight and his Christian faith helps him in his work with students. “My coaches do a really good job. They are a lot of help and together you just push through until you find a way to get the job done.”

When asked about his thoughts on the recognition event, he says, “It’s a real nice thing they’re going to do.” He is looking forward to seeing his teammates and E.J. Lewis, the college coach who recruited him and who played with Crouch’s dad at Tulane in the mid-1940s. He is about to celebrate his 90th birthday and the home coaches’ booth in the new press box at Aillett stadium will be named after Coach Lewis and his wife, Patsy.

According to the Louisiana Tech website, “There were 32 players who were named to the Bulldog Football All-Century Team in August of 2001, honoring the 50 greatest players from the first 100 years of Louisiana Tech football. This group was chosen by an anonymous 20-member committee comprised of former Bulldog coaches, players and administrators.

These 32 players will be included on the 50th Anniversary team and include Doyle Adams, Ron Alexander, Larry Anderson, Myron Baker, Mike Barber, Chris Boniol, Terry Bradshaw, Roger Carr, John Causey, Randy Crouch, Fred Dean, Matt Dunigan, Troy Edwards, Doug Evans, Roland Harper, Walter Johnson, Doug Landry, Chad Mackey, Charles McDaniel, Joe McNeely, Jerry Pope, Tim Rattay, William Roaf, Johnny Robinson, Billy Ryckman, Glenell Sanders, Tommy Spinks, Matt Stover, Pat Tilley, Roy Waters, John Henry White and Wenford Wilborn.

LA Tech fans can vote for the 18 additional players out of a group of more than 70 nominated, based on criteria such as all-conference awards and honors, all-America status, or NFL experience.

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